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Web browser

Programador: Gooogle Inc.



O Chromium é o navegador de código aberto multiplataforma que é a base do Google Chrome. O design minimalista faz parte do objetivo principal de tornar o Chromium' o shell web com guias. Construído sobre o WebKit engine, o Chromium oferece os mais recentes rescursos HTML5 e CSS3 para os seus usuários.


  • multi-process architecture - each site instance or plugin runs in separate process which for end users means better security and stability
  • themes - makes chromium easy to fit into your desktop design
  • extensions - enhance the functionality of browser via HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • preferences sync - keeping the same settings, bookmarks, extensions and theme over multiple machines
  • incognito mode - private browsing prevents storing history or cookies by visited websites
  • DNS prefetching - faster address to IP resolution


Besides the openSUSE builds from the Build Service (see the links in the box above), you can get stable, beta and development packages on Google's "Early Access Release Channels" directly from The Chromium Projects.

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There are some themes that let Chrome and Chromium better fit into the KDE style: