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Um objetivo do openSUSE project é fornecer a documentação a mais de alta qualidade às comunidades que o projeto participa. A openSUSE Community cria, edita, e refina a documentação detalhada, sob a forma deste wiki assim como a documentação tradicional, em muitas línguas.

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Informação geral

Documentação do usuário

25px-Icon-system.png Get and Install
Articles covering all aspects of the installation of openSUSE, including some special ways of getting the source files.
25px-Icon-package.png Package Management
Install, remove or update software.
25px-Icon-package.png Package List
Package details for each media
25px-Icon-console.png Configuration
System and application configuration articles.
25px-Icon-wifi.png Hardware
Supported platforms, hardware compatibility lists, tweaking, optimizing, and troubleshooting.
25px-Icon-empty.png HOWTOs
HowTo guides on a wide variety of topics.
25px-Question.png Users FAQ
Got a question, find an answer here. You can also post a question.
25px Lessons for Lizards (LfL)
The next-generation offline documentation provided for the openSUSE community.

User feedback

25px-Icon-package.png Wishlists
These wish lists are a central point for feedback from the community about what is wanted in future releases.

Official Novell Documentation

Novell.png Novell openSUSE 11.1 Documentation (pdf/html) Novell.png Novell AppArmor (pdf/html)
Novell.png Novell openSUSE 11.0 Documentation (pdf/html) Novell.png Novell Cool Solutions Linux
Novell.png Novell openSUSE 10.3 Documentation (pdf/html) Novell.png The Developer Shortcut Guide to SUSE Linux (sponsored by Novell)

Documentation for older openSUSE/SUSE Linux versions is available from http://www.novell.com/documentation/suse.html.

Documentation Source Files in XML

Novell.png The documentation of openSUSE is written in XML based on the NovDoc DTD, which is a subset of the DocBook DTD.


Novell.png The list of the bugs and printing errors found in the openSUSE documentation:

Developer Documentation

25px-Icon-cpp.png Development
Development documentation by the community.
25px-Icon-cpp.png Making a openSUSE based distribution
Documentation for making a SUSE based distribution
25px-Icon-cpp.png SUSE Package Conventions
Documentation for making SUSE RPM packages
25px-Icon-cpp.png Build Service
The Build Service provides a tool to create and release open source software for openSUSE and other Linux distributions easily on different hardware architectures and for a broad user audience.


  • The Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel is not about any specific operating system or distribution. It is about making a successfull opensource project and that makes it worth reading to any openSUSE member.
  • Linux in a Nutshell Now in it's 5th edition printing is a highly recommended book from beginning Linux users to the more advanced. Linux in a Nutshell 5th edition will get anyone new to Linux up and running with a base of knowledge from which to grow from - in addition it offers more advanced users a handy detailed reference.

openSUSE internals

openSUSE special configuration tools are usually named "YaST", because most of the work is done through YaST, but there are several independant tools one can get to know. We will try to have here a better documentation or links for these tools.

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