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Notícias da semana no openSUSE/61

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Bem-vindo a edição # 61 das Notícias da semana no openSUSE

Nesta semana:

  • Joe Brockmeier: Addressing the layoffs
  • Andrew Wafaa: Open Support
  • Masim Sugianto: Apache Web Server & Virtual Host on openSUSE : Part 1
  • pablo2525: opensuse 11.1 - kupdateapplet
  • {lizards,news,zonker} atualizados para o Wordpress 2.7.1


  • Joe Brockmeier: Addressing the layoffs
    "I want to address the recent layoffs that have taken place at Novell. As is very obvious by now, there have been layoffs at Novell, and some of them did hit contributors to the openSUSE community employed by Novell. It’s been painful and difficult for everyone involved. The fact that this is going on at many other companies doesn’t make it any easier or better."
  • {lizards,news,zonker} updated to Wordpress 2.7.1
    "Our Wordpress instances have been updated to the latest release. For readers of {news,zonker,lizards}.o.o nothing should be different. People blogging will now see a new and improved interface which should “take fewer clicks and be faster”. Full details are available at the Wordpress blog. I’d like to say a big “THANK YOU” to Stephan Binner for his continued maintenance of these services and for the flawless update to the new version. He drove this with some help from the Novell IS&T folks whom I’d like to thank as well!"

Na comunidade

  • Andrew Wafaa: Open Support
    "After our openly elected Board Members sent their open letter to us the community there seems to have been a bit of a media frenzy. I use the term frenzy very loosely here as there was no circus, certainly nothing like that after some of the things that have happened in the past, but a definite air of FUD on behalf of some supposed journalists."
  • Vincent Untz: Planet GNOME Editors & Guidelines
    "For quite some time already, some people have expressed their various feelings about the current process around the Planet: unclear, slow, not transparent, etc. Many adjectives have been used. But if you think about it, maintaining Planet GNOME is not an easy task: you have to make sure it's still an enjoyable read, and quality is really important for that. In the past, I have talked with various people who wanted their blog to be aggregated on Planet GNOME -- it was not my job, so I couldn't really decide, but I was still looking at the blogs to know if it was a clear decision."
  • Joe Brockmeier: What makes good governance?
    "What do Blender, Inkscape, Drizzle, and Subversion have in common? Good governance, at least according to Dave Neary. Neary, a former board member on the GNOME Foundation and participant in several other communities, boils best practices down to a few key ideas:"
  • Linuxfoundation: You are Linux
    "In Germany we had Marketingcampagnes with the Slogan: 'You are Germany' In this Line the Linuxfoundation started an Campagne with the Slogan you are Linux. You find the Short Films on the Page where the Link goes to. Other Videos are themed with: 'Programming C, Programming Kernel and LINUX-Mobilephones'"

Status das atualizações


Suse Box.png
  • Will Stephenson: Publicação do KDE:KDE4:Factory:* desabilitada
    "Enquanto preparamos os pacotes do KDE 4.2.1, desabilitamos a publicação de pacotes no repositório do KDE 4.2 e suas dependências: os repositórios KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop, KDE:KDE4:Factory:Extra-Apps e KDE:KDE4:Community que compilam através do Factory:Desktop."

Build Service


Dicas e truques

  • Klaus Kämpf: Driving the D-Bus with Ruby
    "Having looked at the D-Bus from the client perspective before, its now time to get behind the wheel. In order to drive the D-Bus, você precisa se inscrever em decide on a couple of things:"
  • Masim Sugianto: Apache Web Server & Virtual Host on openSUSE : Part 1
    "Apache Web Server maybe one of such popular server application and those are so many articles describes an implementation how to & Apache Web Server tutorial on openSUSE. Even with so many tutorial regarding Apache and virtual host on openSUSE, I’m going to mad for about 2 days finding why Apache virtual host doesn’t work as it should be. ..."
  • Masim Sugianto: PDFtoWord : The Most Accurate PDF-to-Word Converter
    "I’m waiting this for a long time. I have some good tutorial (according to myself, huh :-D ) written in 2004-2008. The tutorial written with Open Office 1.3 and 1.4 and converted into PDF for better distribution. I provide it for free (which somehow inspired me to building Indonesian openSUSE community). I want to make an update to the tutorial regarding some software update but I don’t want too many changes and complicated task. I need an easy way to re-convert PDF document into Doc or RTF and then edit it with my Word Processor."

Aplicativos novos/atualizados no openSUSE


Planeta SUSE

  • Miguel de Icaza: CoyoteLinux uses Mono for syadmin tools
    "Interesting find: Coyote Linux -a firewall in a box- configuration of Linux is using Mono and ASP.NET for its admin tools."
  • Vincent Untz: Getting the GNOME 2.26 release notes ready
    "While people are still working on fixing bugs, updating translations, writing documentation or testing GNOME 2.25, there's one task which is in need of some love: the release notes. I don't know exactly why, but we often forget about them until, well, a couple of weeks before the .0 release. Davyd has agreed to lead the effort for this cycle, which is a good news! And the other good news is that it's not really hard to help with this effort! Here's what you can do:"
  • Joe Brockmeier: Creative Commons 0: Now with zero restrictions
    "There’s free and then there’s Free. The Creative Commons folks have just unleashed a new license that’s about as free as it gets: Creative Commons 0 1.0."
  • Joe Brockmeier: The little Linux desktop that could: Xfce 4.6 released
    "GNOME and KDE get all the attention these days, but Linux users looking for a lightweight desktop environment would do well to consider Xfce. The project has come a long way since the days it was a clone of the hideous Common Desktop Environment (CDE), and is still going strong, and came out with the 4.6 release today with a ton of improvements. Xfce is a prime example of why duplication is sometimes a good thing in the FOSS arena."

openSUSE Forums

  • Xafke: disabling keyring prompts for wlan
    "Forums member Xafke explains how to disable the GNOME keyring password prompts when connecting to a wireless network with network manager. This behaviour occurs when using GNOME with enabled gdm auto-login feature in openSUSE 11.1."
  • pablo2525: opensuse 11.1 - kupdateapplet
    "In openSUSE 11.1 the developers switched the backend of kupdateapplet from Zypp to PackageKit. Thus the kupdateapplet does no longer notify the user about 3rd party updates. If you feel this as a drawback, be sure to have a look on this recommendation given by forums member pablo2525."

Na Internet

  • DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 291
    "Tutorial: Minimal openSUSE 11.1 install"
  • Novell's Open Source Rex Talks Linux
    "It's not all about the code in the Linux ecosystem. Any Linux project needs leadership. Markus Rex is one such leader. For most of the last year, Rex was the CTO of the Linux Foundation, on loan from his employer Novell. Now, he's back with Novell, where he is responsible for Novell's open source and open platform technologies, including SUSE Linux Enterprise. Rex has been working at SUSE Linux since 1999."

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