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Ofertas comerciais

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There are several ways to buy openSUSE related commercial products including media and merchandise. This page just lists what is available and commercial entities are invited to add their entries themselves. The openSUSE project does not endorse these offerings and has not tested them. Entries can be removed from the openSUSE wiki team anytime. In most cases there is no benefit from buying at these shops for the openSUSE project itself.


openSUSE shop

openSUSE has its own shop. Here's the place to find official openSUSE gear. T-shirts, mugs, caps, bags and more available here. We have a shop for Americas and one for Europe & Asia.

Media, Box Products

openSUSE Box

The openSUSE Box product is available in German.

121 Boxshot 3D opensourcepress.jpg

O produto acompanha:

  • duas mídias de DVD
  • um manual com 350 páginas para o openSUSE 12.1
  • 30 % de desconto em preparativos via para certificações LPI.
  • Economia de 10 Euro sobre atualização Moneyplex
  • voucher para uma cópia gratuita da revista "t3n" impressa
  • Um PDF do livro Stefan Schäfer's "Root-Server einrichten und absichern"

SUSESHOP (preorder available)
Germany - openSUSE 12.1

Balsam Professional

Balsam Professional 12.1, based on openSUSE 12.1, offers more than you might expect:

  • Includes well-known installation support for users from producer open-slx
  • Internationally available in English and German language editions
  • Additions: 10 Euro savings on Moneyplex upgrade, software for tablets, access to open-slx community platform with quality assured content

Available at open-slx online shop and from the following regional resellers:

Reisinger IT (available)
Austria - Balsam Professional 12.1 powered by openSUSE - German

Bolton Linux (preorder available)
United Kingdom, Ireland and the World - Balsam Professional 12.1 powered by openSUSE - English

Polska Linux Sklep (preorder available)
Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia - Balsam Professional 12.1 powered by openSUSE - Polish and English Languages available

Linux Russia (preorder available)
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine - Balsam Professional 12.1 powered by openSUSE - Russian, Ukrainian, English Languages available