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Hi, my name is Steban Baez

I work with Robotics, an educational network in my city, our teaching tools are all open source.

Latinoware Conference in 2010, I met people from openSUSE, I report on its work and I love to say. The Organization and do everything with lots of fun and joy. I started to talk to Carlos Ribeiro, Jos, Bryan and other ambassadors .. People wanted to contribute my openSUSE hand to bring all this wonderful work.

Today I work in a distribuition based on openSUSE 11.3, to implement in using SUSE-Educational Robotics Studio, this makes two things to teach and lead openSUSE Robotica all students in the city.

Thanks to all who made possible and helped me to be ambassador to openSUSE!

  • twitter: baezesteban
  • irc: baezesteban
  • facebook: stebanbaez@rocketmail.com
  • Email: stebanbaez@rocketmail.com