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The Conselho do openSUSE has currently six seats: Five members (three non-Novell and two Novell) get elected by the community. The chairman gets appointed by Novell.

Before the 2009 election, the board consisted of five seats only, with four members (two non-Novell and two Novell) who got elected by the community and the chairman appointed by Novell.

Regras de Eleição

The election of the Conselho do openSUSE will be done using the following rules:

  • Only Membros do openSUSE may run for the Board and vote, each member having one ballot that has one vote per seat to be elected.
  • The election is run by an Election Committee that consists of at least three openSUSE members.
  • None of the Election Committee can run for or be elected as an openSUSE board member.
  • The openSUSE board election period is two years and every year approximately half of the board will be elected. So, the people getting elected this time are elected for two years. The other members stand for re-election next year and get a 2 year period as well.
  • openSUSE board members can serve for up to two consecutive election periods. After that they must stand down for at least one year, but may be run again after the one year break.
  • All candidates will publish their manifesto on the Wiki, and are strongly encouraged to blog on why they should be elected.

Regras Especiais para a 1.ª Eleição (2008)

  • Each openSUSE member can vouch for one person that should be part of the openSUSE community and this person can vote, too.
  • After the announcement - and before the election - there will be a 4 week period where people can apply t be openSUSE members in order to vote.
  • For the first election, the Novell and non-Novell members with the most votes will be elected for two years, the second runners for one year.

Eleições Passadas

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