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Midia de Instalação

Icon-question.png Posso fazer download de uma versão livre do SUSE Linux?
Yes, it is called the Evaluation 'Eval' version. It is not time restricted and for most home users is a better choice than the open source only edition, which does not include any proprietary packages. Still confused? Maybe this table can explain how each component fits together:
Distribuição Estado Versão
Ediçaõ Suporte de
Suporte Como obter
openSUSE 11.0 Lançado Final Retail 1 DVD-91
Manual Impresso
Descarregar DVD
Instalação por Internet
Live2 Communidade CDs (KDE e GNOME)
openSUSE 11.1 Desenvolvimento Alpha 1 Descarregar Live-CDs Instalável
openSUSE Factory N/A3 Instalação por Internet Descarregar

1O DVD de retalho é um DVD de dupla-camada que contem mais pacotes do que o DVD que se pode descarregar.
2Os CDs Live incluem uma opção para instalar.
> 3O openSUSE Factory é o constante desenvolvimento. Não tem nenhuma versão.

Icon-question.png It would be useful to have DVD images. Is there a way to create a DVD image using the CD images?
DVD images will be available for the final version. For alpha and beta versions, only CD images are offered.
The online tutorial and a script to make DVD images is at Making a DVD from CDs.
Icon-question.png Do I need all install CDs? Which CDs are needed for basic installation? Is CD1 sufficient for basic installation?
If you are downloading the official released CDs, you need all five. As an alternative, there is a 1 CD install made available shortly after each release.
Icon-question.png Is there any way to install SUSE without a CD or DVD?
Yes, refer to Installation without CD or DVD.
Icon-question.png What are the differences between SUSE 10.0 OSS and the SUSE Eval 10.0?
SUSE 10.0 OSS contains only open source software. The SUSE Eval version contains some non-OSS packages like Adobe Reader, Macromedia Flash, Sun Java, Mainactor (demo).
Icon-question.png What are the differences between 'Eval' and Retail?
The retail package contains more software packages than the Eval and is delivered as a dual-layer DVD. Both i386 and x86-64 packages are available.
Icon-question.png Is the 'Eval' version limited?
No, the 'Eval' version is not limited. You can do anything you want with it and it will not expire after some time.